Promoting Your Website

Promoting Your Website

One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to promote your Web site to the people who will be most interested in its contents is through the use of materials you probably already have. Here’s a quick look at the documents you can use as Web site promotion tools.

Don’t throw away existing printed materials that don’t include your Web site’s URL. But make sure all newly printed materials include this important piece of contact information.

Letterhead & Envelopes

Almost every company I know, regardless of size, uses preprinted letterhead and envelopes for written correspondence. But who says the printing can’t include your Web site’s URL and e-mail addresses?

By including this information on your letterhead and envelopes, you’re announcing the address for a virtual location of your business. And it shouldn’t cost a penny more.

Business Cards

Business cards are probably the most cost effective communication tool around. This tiny card can fit a wealth of information on it—and be carried around in a pocket.

Your company’s URL should appear on every business card you print for owners, managers, and other employees.


Does your company use preprinted forms, such as estimates, invoices, and packing slips? How about including your Web site’s URL on them as well? It’s just another way to spread the word.

Brochures & Catalogs

Brochures and catalogs are another important place you should include your Web site’s URL—especially if your Web site includes a catalog or online shopping feature. These documents usually go to the people who are most interested in your business as customers or clients. Letting them know you have a Web site can give them another way to learn more about your products and services.

Tip: Some companies with Web sites that offer online shopping offer special discounts to customers who order via the Web. This not only promotes the site, but it encourages customers to take advantage of a more cost effective ordering method. The more people you can get to use online catalogs and ordering, the fewer printed catalogs and telephone order takers you’ll have to provide.

Print Ads

One of my clients has had a Web site for the past six months. He runs ads in the local newspaper every single week. Do you think he’d include his Web site’s URL in the ad? He doesn’t, but he should!

Again, what’s the extra cost of including that one additional piece of information where people could see it? Nothing! (Or pretty darn close to nothing!) The same goes for Yellow Pages ads and television commercials.

E-Mail Signatures

Most e-mail programs support the inclusion of a custom signature at the bottom of each e-mail message you send. You should already be using this e-mail feature to include your name and contact information. But you should also be using it to promote your Web site by including its complete URL in the signature. This is a great, free way to spread the word to people who probably already have Internet access.

Putting Your Small Business on the Web
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